east timor 2015

photography and cinema


Late in the afternoon, begins to bustle.


Lot of people coming from all sides. Most of them are men. Children, young and old, all rush to the area where cockfight will take place.Like in mainly other asian countries, people in East Timor really appreciate this blood sport. And as elsewhere, here, betting plays an important role. All goes around it. Betting hard and with high values.


Roosters, scattered throughout the area are taken by its owners to be prepared for combat, while others collect bets.After applying blades on the animal's leg (a metal spur), and after the money collected, the fight begins.


It's all very fast. Between incentives, screams and excitement, one of the animals rapidly annihilate each other.


To the loser is plucked one of the long feathers of the tail, the blade is removed and it is then hung upside down to succumb. Its role is done.While for some ended the day, for others is beginning. Some leave the place, some arrive. This cycle goes on.The area is full of awaiting animals.


Some will certainly be winners. Just make the bet.


 text by Luisa Neves Soares