TRAMA, doc 21 min, 2014


Director: Luisa Neves Soares

Cinematographer: Pedro Sousa Raposo

Original soundtrack: Rodrigo Raposo



"I let myself go. I am going through spaces, feeling the echoes, listening to the memories.

I hold people shaped into a file, I feel the cold and the emptiness of the factories that remained


I build images, I look for senses. I make a choice. The feminine side of machines.

From here on the plot begins to be woven."


Luisa Neves Soares



Official Selections:

Cine Eco 2014 (special screening) PT

UBICinema 2014 (PT)

Sophia Estudante 2015 (PT)

MIFEC 2015 (PT)

Figueira Film Art 2015 (PT)

Vistacurta 2015 (PT)

Arquiteturas Film Festival 2015 (PT)

KIMFF 2015 (Nepal)

Caminhos do Cinema Português 2015 (Ensaios) PT




Best Film UBICinema 2014,

MIFEC Best Film and Best Documentary (MIFEC 2015)

Best Documentary Short Figueira Film Art 2015

Honourable Mention for Best Photography Figueira Film Art 2015

Best Original Soundtrack Figueira Film Art 2015

Best Portuguese Short Arquiteturas Film Festival 2015

SAME TIME TOMORROW, doc 51min, 2011


Directors: Luisa Neves Soares and Pedro Sousa Raposo


Original Soundtrack: Fátima Santos




The vision of the reality of the work in the Douro valley, with special emphasis on the harvest process, in a perspective a bit away from the more traditional view.

Trying an approximation to the real, it shows a perspective of the situations as they are, raw and unfiltered.

The routine of work repeated days, months and years, in a region very acclaimed for its natural beauty, shaped by man and that produces one of the most acclaimed wines in the world.


Oficial selection :


KIMFF (Nepal) 2011

FRICINE (Brazil) 2011/2015


PANORAMA (Lisboa PT) 2012